Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Agidasin Initiatives: Summer 2010

I've started this blog to focus on and keep people up to date on my summer plans.

At the end of June I will be headed north of Kenora, Ontario to volunteer with Agidasin Initiatives, a Christian community development organization. AI works with a number of Northwestern Ontario First Nations, to "develop and implement locally-based programs that support and encourage healthy youth, families and communities" (see their website for more info). I will be helping to run the summer READ program for children and youth from Grassy Narrows for nine weeks.

I'll post more details on my role as they arise, and details as to why I chose to work for AI this summer. I will also be posting about how people can support me and the work I'm doing with AI, since it's a volunteer position.

Thanks for reading. Prayers are always welcome and necessary!


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