Friday, May 7, 2010

Update on teaching

Teaching at the Aboriginal high school is going really well. I'm really more of a guide, facilitator and motivator at this school than a teacher. The alternate system is quite different than your typical teacher-at-the-front-of-the-class envorionment.

I'm learning so much every day about First Nation and Inuit culture, about how HST is going to affect Aboriginals tax exemptions, about cultural sensitivity and openness. What a blessing these past two weeks have been.

Every so often I am hit with the "oh yeah! I'm teaching full-time right now!" thought. I have to remember not to take this for granted. It's no simple "in" when it comes to finding longer-term work as an Occasional Teacher in Ottawa. Sometimes I forget because getting the job was almost instantaneous. Remembering my provision comes from God keeps me humble... hopefully!


  1. On the subject of you teaching in town - do you bike through the middle of downtown to get to work? I think I passed you the other day. When do you head north?

  2. I do! Was my bike rusty and squeaky? haha

    I go on June 16. I hope I get to see you before then!!