Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st

READ got underway yesterday. We met the children and introduced them to the program. In my brief sessions with each child, I can see already why Agidasin Initiatives has developed this type of tutoring program for younger primary children. The kids are super cute and I pray we will see progress, not just in literacy skills, but also in relationship building.

Some kids and teens have been stopping by our home where us volunteers live. Last night we started making hemp necklaces with some of the girls on our front porch.

Today is Canada Day, so we're not working. There are community games today and fire works tonight. At the moment we're enjoying a slow, relaxing day, catching up on personal business. I practiced guitar on the back deck and watched the pelicans and black birds soar. I could see a bunch more pelicans down in the river, but they were quite far away.

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