Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Day Past the Hump

It's raining again in Wabaseemoong. Beth is slaving away in the kitchen, the other Ottawans are upstairs talking to their youth pastor on the phone, Clark is entertaining his biggest fan on the reserve, and I'm sitting here listening to The Avett Brothers. And the odd crack of thunder.

Ten bucks says we'll loose power again soon. And probably our recently re-ignited wireless connection.

Yesterday was "Hump Day". That's the half-way point of the summer. For three of us, it's past half, since we need to leave a few days early. I'm getting a ride home with Beth, who's got a family reunion/wedding shower in Uxbridge on the 21st.

I'm praying that we'll make the best of our last four weeks here, for good relations with the kids, that they'll learn and have fun, and that somehow we can exemplify God's love.

1 comment:

  1. Great to read what you have been up to, Kat! Sounds like you have learned a lot about the kids there and that they are learning a lot from you!

    Looking forward to having you home! We have to hang out soon!