Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Quiet Saturday Morning in Wabeseemong

I've been enjoying a quiet morning to myself for the past few hours. Maybe it's an older-person thing, but I love waking up earlier than everyone else. I make french-press coffee, sit on the couch by the window, and stare out at the trees, sky, rocks, and river. It's my favourite time to pray, read and listen. Like right now: the thunder is rolling lightly, I'm listening to the rain fall and the wind blow. It's dark in here at ten am, for the clouds are thick and heavy today. I'm happy for a Saturday to relax and get errands done around the house. I'm just hoping the storm won't take away our electricity.

Kids have continued to come by our home in the late afternoon and evenings. They are curious and perhaps a little bored. The past few days hemp necklaces were being made. Yesterday nails were painted on the front porch and portraits were drawn on the back. The two girls I drew said no one has ever drawn them before!

Woah! It just started pouring so hard I can no longer see the river! Whenever it rains this hard I get a little nervous in my belly. I am also reminded that we are fortunate to have shelter, to stay dry, and that I have hot coffee in my mug beside me.

Last night we met and welcomed in some new neighbours. They are three people working for the Lieutenant Governor's Literacy program. They will also be here most of the summer running camps for the children. While our purpose and focus may be somewhat different, there are opportunities for partnership and at minimum, some new friends in White Dog.



  1. I'm praying for you - it's so good to have your updates, and to hear what you are up to.

    You're in your element!

  2. You're to young to be an "old-person". Glad you seem to be having such a special time!